Some important information about MyNIN and the mockup.

The mockup shows a registration of 1 fingerprint left hand and 1 fingerprint right hand.
MyNIN can do all 10. AFIS Identification deduplication is done by 2 left and 2 right.


The fingeprints can be converted instantly to ISO/ANSI/Minex approved template.

The mockup shows 3 time same fingerprint, it is not mandatory.

The mockup asks 3 different position of face, to create a 3D model of face.

MyNIN can create a mobile electronic ID Card, called SmartID (SID), with an integrated biometric QR code (that contains 2 fingerprint templates), to verify identity without internet/wifi connection.
The SmartID does not replace the real ID but gives already a solid recognition towards the citizen.


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