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Every human has the right to have an identity.

Aidentity ltd is a UK based company with over 20 years of experience in biometric identification solutions and secure documents, partly as an integrator and partly as innovator and new identification applications.The combination of biometrics and secure documents makes Aidentity unique in consulting, servicing, designing, developing and integrating innovative and creative identification solutions.

Together with our partner UGS Technologies we share the same vision, quote UGS 'Every individual, irrespective of age and gender, has its own identity. This identity is made tangible by providing an Identity Card that is unique as it contains the individual's biometric information and demographic details.

We are proud to deliver the service for NIMC, to help the diaspora to obtain their National Identitifcation Number as part of NIMC'vision to provide sustainable world-class identity management solution to affirm identity, enhance governance and service delivery in Nigeria.

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