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It is mandatory for every citizen and legal resident to enrol for the National Identification Number (NIN). The process is the same whether you choose the self-service or you require an assisted service.

The NIN is set to be used for all transactions in Nigeria requiring identity verification so you’ll be using your NIN for

  •  obtaining your National e-ID card

  •  travel (international passport application & acquisition)

  • opening personal bank accounts

  • getting your driver’s license

  • obtaining your Permanent Voters’ Card

  • participating in the National Health Insurance Scheme

  • payment of your taxes

  • transactions related to your contributory pension scheme

  • access to welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian Government

  • transactions with social security implications

  • land transactions subject to the Land Use Act

  •  any other transactions NIMC may so prescribe and list in the Federal Government Gazette