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biometric identity solutions


We deliver the full services of a National Identity Program, from citizen's/voter's registration, up to setting up national printing agency and print secure documents, as National ID cards, Driver’s Licenses... the full circle of an eGovernment.



In our continuous endeavor of research and development for the right solution, we challenge ourselves by going further where other stops.

Fingerprint authentication, face, iris and voice recognition in smart solutions, scoped to handle heavy and extensively searches, scalable, provided separately or in a full end-to-end turnkey solution.


With the success of our biometric implementations, it is a logical step to introduce secure documents as part of the portfolio of our company and to create the future identity card, biometric enabled, with our without a contact/contactless chip or dual interface. Together with to our core partners, we succeeded to develop and integrate secure documents, like a national identity card, a driver's license, a passport and a certificate.


The cyber crime theft is estimated at 113.000.000 USD per year.

Local authentication is one of yesterday’s solutions. Firewalls, anti-virus software, hardware tokens and sms verification are in place but do not give the maximum protection.

BioSSL is a replacement for the sophisticated and very non user-friendly tokens.
The biometric authentication process eliminates double identities and fake identities.


AIDENTITY developed an exceptional mobile application, called MyNIN.
A mobile "self biometric registration" app to ask for a National Identity Number.
After approval, the citizen receives a SmartID, a digital National Identity Card.
The owner of the SmartID can be biometric verified hrough

a unique 2D memory barcode, without the need of wifi or mobile internet.



It is inevitable, the blockchain and the decentralized ledger are gaining a massive boost.
The whole world is looking at this technology to solve complex problems and giving it the respect it deserves.

The strength of chain is mesured by it's weakest part. In case of the blockchain, it is the user him/herself.

We secure every blockchain application and bring the platform GDPR compliant.