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biometric identity solutions

" The only way you will ever permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem."
Suze Orman



Biometric Secure Socket Layer


BioSSL is an advanced biometric platform which secures online financial, confidential document transactions and other high risk web based environments. 

BioSSL is an ‘omni’ channel solution for banks, financial institutions, eCommerce and eGovernment. The desktop and mobile application integrates smoothly into existing payment solutions, like online banking and payment terminals.

Sesames awards 2016 for best cybersecurity solution
Silver Fintech award 2016 for best biometric solution

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a mobile blockchain based payment platform for Diaspora and their remittance

  • Eliminates middlemen

  • Reduces cost of transaction

  • Fiat to stablecoin to fiat

  • Empower the unbanked

  • Secures the transaction, the identity and the service provider

  • KYC & AML compliant



For, with and in the blockchain

BioSSL is shifting into high gear by working on an innovative blockchain security solution, and closing the security gap.
Yobi delivers the blockchain ultime security.
Yobi translates the unique features of the human body to a Biometric Public and Private key and becomes a unique handshake between the online user and the provider.
more here: www.myyobi.com