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biometric identity solutions

" My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - police, firefighters and members of our armed forces. "
Sidney Sheldon



Criminal Identification and Authentication System

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CIAS is a fast and easy to use application to enrol, search and analyse suspects, criminals or delicts.
Fingerprint and Face Recognition are the main engines who delivers fast access and real time identification in central databases.


  • User friendly.

  • Registers suspects.

  • Real time response of searched fingerprints.

  • Investigates latent fingerprints.

  • Prints out European Fingerprint Sheet and can be customized to any fingerprint sheet.

  • Fingerprint sheets can be automatically stored as pdf.

  • AFIS web enabled.

  • According the international biometric standards

  • Digital Signature enabled.



Mobile Automated Biometric Identification System


The app can register and identify fingerprints and faces in fraction of seconds.
The backend is powered by a high speed AFIS, minex compliant and a 2D/3D face recognition, both military & police-grade algorithms.

The app runs on a standard OS Android which makes it easy and a fast deployment without special hardware investments.   

Fingerprints are acquired by the mobile camera and deliver high quality images.

Mabis is secured by the biometric access control BioSSL, who manages access by fingerprint, face or voice verification.

The ideal tool for Police Forces, Border Control, Citizen and Immigration Services.

Silent Watch

Silent Watch

Non Cooperative Face Recognition Platform

Silent Watch is a Non Cooperative Access Control using face recognition through video streaming.
Silent Watch enrolls every face at the entrance, anomalously and checks in the Watch List if the face is a possible suspect.


Silent Watch is a tool for police forces, security organizations to control the access during sport events, at railway stations, airports, embassies and on high risk events like G8. 

Or prevent shoplifting.

The technology have been implemented for Police Forces, Counter-Terrorism, National ID programs, National Elections and on high risk events.



Real time threat analysis, identification & response


PreCog™ is a crime intelligence solution that leverages IoT hardware sensors and A.I. to help law enforcement agencies, commercial organisations and government departments to identify, locate and react to the presence of contraband mobile
devices, persons of interest, criminals and offenders – in real time.

Intelligence Gathering – PreCog can supply intelligence gathering capabilities to Government organisations. This is central to its capabilities and would include law enforcement, prison and probation services. Along with defence, national security partners and border force organisations across the globe.

Covert human intelligence sources, intelligence and counter intelligence gathering techniques exist.


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