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biometric identity solutions

The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors.  

Secure Documents

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National ID, Driver's License, Car License, Social Security Card, Access Control Card, Passport, Certificates, Stamps, Numberplates, Cow Tags, ...
Body Card options
Polyester / Polycarbonate / Teslin / PPE

No chip / Contact / Contactless / Dualinterface

Color Laser / Laser Engraving / D²T² / Thermal
Security features
OVI / Rainbow / Invisible Ink / Invisible Tags / Hologram / Unique numbering / Microprinting
Biometric verification
Chip / Bioseal

Secure Documents



Athlis is a high speed ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System)
Athlis runs his own  AFIS and Face Recognition.
It can connect external fingerprint/face databases to deliver services as deduplication, real time identification or projects as civil ID, elections, pensions.

ATHLIS controls QES, the civil ID registration application , CIAS, the forensic application and Silent Watch, the non-cooperative 2D-3D face recognition.

ATHLIS as major platform runs applications like citizen registration, fingerprint/face deduplication, access control or secure document printing.

Thanks to her scalable concept, ATHLIS can be immediately active or deployed in any circumstances.



the mobile biometric self registration that changes definitely the perception of citizen enrolment.


The traditional registration of citizens’National Identity Number (NIN) by biometrics is  a human resources, time and cost consuming post.

MyNIN© is a mobile biometric self registration application to obtain  a National Identity Number.

MyNIN is
operational on standard smartphones and enrolls, verifies and identifies identities in real time by fingerprint and face.
After approval, the citizen receives a SmartID
©, a digital  National Identity Card.

Fingerprint & Face enrolment by mobile camera
Cost effective - no need of special devices
Accurate, fast and real time
Faster and broader deployment
ATHLIS Authentication
2G - 3G - 4G - Wifi operational


the mobile identity card


The SID is a digital National Identity Card, linked to the App MyNIN, present on a citizens’phone.

The SID contains the biometric data of the citizen and delivers an ONLINE and OFFLINE verification.
After approval of the NIN, the citizen can have a SID on his mobile phone.

The SID acts as a proof of identity like a National Identity Card and can be part of MyNIN.


biometric enabled

The e-Visa is a document that certifies that the holder is authorized to enter and stay in a country for a specified period. It replaces the visa issued at the point of entry into the country, which is usually an airport or a border crossing.
Aidentity's biometric eVISA, fully compliant with the ICAO standards, eliminates fraud, double identities and delivers a fast border control throughput.  The registration process can be done by web browser or even mobile phone. The unqiue2D memory barcode verifies offline the identity of the traveler.

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